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Starting May 9th,  all live classes will move back to the classroom.  
We will continue checking temperatures.
Students and teachers MUST wear face masks.
Anyone who coughs, sneezes, or touches their face must leave.
We will continue cleaning everything with bleach and running the HEPA air filters.

All current and past students are enrolled in free online versions of our classes.   

If you are worried for safety, or if you can no longer afford to pay, the online classes will remain free for as long as needed.

If you are sick, busy, away from home, or a little bit lazy, do your book and workbook online.  

If you do not have an account on the website Login/ Signup at the top of the page.  Then talk to Jane for Class Access.

All past and present students have FREE access to the online classes. We are working really hard to get ALL the books and materials we use moved online. Thanks Jane!

THANKS to the following people and organizations:

Schoology gave us a free Learning Management System that we have used to continue teaching online while working on this website.

Zoom did free video conferences.  It’s not perfect, but it worked very well for us.

Microsoft gave us free office 365 subscriptions and helped with migration to the new website.   This will save us enough money to pay for this entire website.

Krisp has free software to filter out background noise on video phone calls.  It completely removes barking dogs and honking horns.  It’s incredible!

WP Crafters is an amazing resource for learning how to setup WordPress websites and Learning Management Systems.  

Our Landlord reduced our rent while we were unable to use the building.  

Our Students and their Parents have been wonderful.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time. 


English-  Starters from 4 to 7 years old.

Kids English-  from 6 to 12 years old.

Teens English-  Creativity, Public Speaking, Leadership,  IELTS, SAT, and Microsoft- from 12 to 16 years old.  

  • In our English Classes we start our students young, and teach on an accelerated schedule.  Because students in Live or Blended Classes have to work at the same time at the same speed, we cannot accept new students who are at lower levels for their age.  We also cannot accept new students who are older than 14 into our Live or Blended Classes.
Business People who need to learn English for Logistics, Medicine, Accounting, Human Resources, Management, and Technology
Students who are at lower levels for their age, older teens, and adults are better served by our Online Classes or Live Classes taught outside our campus.


CREATIVE THINKING AND WRITING.    Creativity is the first thing in our name, because it truly is our FIRST priority.  When pre-school students are drawing monsters, it’s because they are learning about body parts and counting.   More importantly, they are learning to be original!

TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP.   Students choose their team leaders.  Leaders choose their teams.  Teams work together on all kinds of projects.  They learn to compete, cooperate, delegate tasks, share information, and debate.

PUBLIC SPEAKING AND PRESENTATION.  Writing is never the finished product.  After students write, they SPEAK in front while the class politely listens.

ENGLISH.  Yes.  We teach English.   Most students who we have taught for more than 3 years are ready for school at their grade level in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia.  When our students go abroad for education, they do not need special classes for English.  Most of our 15-year-old students are ready for American Universities.

ACADEMIC WRITING.  Students learn to write a five paragraph essay in 45 minutes.  We teach them a method that let’s them write from the first moment.   There really is not time to think, make an outline, make a rough draft, check for grammar, spell check, and re-write….  We practice until students can start writing immediately and finish in under 30 minutes.  Once they master this, they are ready for the IELTS and SAT.  They are also ready for University and Professional Careers.

SAT PREPARATION.   The Scholastic Aptitude Test is used for University admissions in the US and Canada.   It is also usually accepted in the UK and Australia.  We don’t teach math.   The students know math.   We help them with ‘the English of Math’.  If they understand the questions, they can do the math.  We also help with preparations for the English and Essay sections of the test.

IELTS PREPARATION.  The TOEFL is a great test too,  but it is not accepted EVERYWHERE like the IELTS.  We practice, review, repeat…..  until students know exactly what to do!

Microsoft 365.   Teen classes communicate with Microsoft Teams,  share notes in OneNote, share files in OneDrive,  write with Microsoft Word, make charts and graphs with Excel, and make presentations with Sway or PowerPoint.  

In the past, Vietnam has not valued or encouraged creative thinking.  Even today, coloring books do not let children choose their own colors.  Imagination is still considered by many people to be childish.

Fifty years ago, it was the same in Japan, Korea, and China, but they have embraced originality. The results are Sony, Comic Books, Music, Art, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.  Vietnam is changing,  but not nearly fast enough to keep up with technology.   

In 30 years, the computers and robots will do most jobs that do not require creativity or leadership skills.   

At the same time, there has never been a better time to be creative.   If you write a book, song, or computer program,  you no longer need to beg a publisher to distribute it.  You can upload to Amazon, Google, Apple, or YouTube and get paid today….. probably more than ever possible before.

Our young students draw, sing, and write and perform plays and puppet shows.  They make up games.   They know that it is OK to color outside the lines.

Our teen students learn how to work together to brainstorm ideas,  choose the best ideas, mitigate problems with the ideas, delegate tasks, share data, research issues, debate problems,  and report results.   They learn the same creative process used at Apple, NASA, Google, and Disney.  They are DEFINITELY ready for the future.  

We have classroom space to teach 80 students at a time, and each classroom can be used for 10 classes a week.   We have time and space to teach a lot more than we do.  

We also have a website hosted on a powerful cloud server with a great Learning Management System and pretty good Membership Area.  We could teach anything,  to anyone,  anywhere, and at any time.

We want to teach other languages…. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish.

We want to teach art….  music,  photography, graphic arts, and animation… using  Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, and Adobe.

We want to teach technology…  Web development, computer programming, CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, and AI…. using tools from Google, Sun, Microsoft, and AutoDesk.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LEARN?   If there are enough students, we will find the curriculum, teachers,  hardware, and software.    We already have great books for Logistics, Medicine, Accounting, Human Resources, Management, Hospitality, and more.